Vote for The Religion of Man Revolving Political Party of India

Indian Lovers Party

BBC News quotes a Cutting the Chai post in a feature on Indian political parties with strange names. The Election Commission can reject the application if certain conditions aren’t met, he adds, – for example, if the name has an obvious caste or religious reference. The Religion of Man Revolving Political Party of India managed […]

Paper Boat drinks review: As close as it can get to the real thing

Paper Boat drinks

In my many years as a blogger and a journalist (sort of), I have posted reviews of the usual gadgets, software, movies, music, books, websites, WiFi on Indian Railways and also of a few magazines but never that of a drink (excluding, of course, the occasional Old Monk endorsement). Scepticism is something that my profession […]

Mao Tse-tung’s favourite Bollywood song

It is a little difficult to imagine Chairman Mao, humming along a Hindi film song. But it is said that the founding father of communist China Mao Tse-tung quite liked the Chinese rendition of Awara hoon, from Raj Kapoor’s Awara (1951). Had China been the manufacturing powerhouse it is now. the lyrics of another popular […]

Indian political party election symbols from 1951: When Congress had bullocks and the hand was Forward Bloc’s

Indian political party election symbols from the first Lok Sabha elections held in 1951

I just can’t seem to get over my fascination over Indian election symbols. And there are more posts to follow on this theme, here on Cutting the Chai (Also see: An alphabet chart of Indian political party symbols). Before the elections to India’s first Lok Sabha, back in 1951, the Election Commission (as it still […]

An alphabet chart of Indian political party symbols

Indian political party symbols alphabet chart

Now that the aam aadmi has got a party, the aam bachcha also needs to learn the letters of Indian politics much earlier than ever before. Here’s an educational tool in an age-old format for netas of tomorrow – an alphabet chart with Indian political party and election symbols. (Also see: Indian political party election […]

How to verify or check any PAN number online for free

Blank PAN card

PAN cards often become pain cards. Particularly now that the Income Tax Department insists on the landlord’s PAN for an annual rent above Rs 100,000 and many landlords are not very forthcoming in sharing their PAN for the fear of paying taxes. And there are some landlords who are willing to share their PAN but […]

Watch: Interval at a cinema hall in the 1970s screening a Hindi film

Interval in a cinema hall screening a Bollywood film in the 1970s

Now that multiplexes (and piracy) have altered our movie watching experience for good, ever wondered what it was like inside a theatre back in the heydays of the single-screen theatres? To know/relive that experience Krishna Shah’s 1979 quasi-documentary Cinema, Cinema is a recommended watch. Shah (who also directed the 1978 film Shalimar) tells the story […]