Did anyone come up with the idea of a remote locator? If not, here it is and please pass the message to TV manufacturers to include this feature in their forthcoming models. Last night, I needed to switch channels and as always the remote was nowhere in reach. So we started looking for it and it was nowhere in sight too. Finally, we gave up and reverted to the used-only-in-absence-of-a-remote buttons on the television set. Cordless phones have a handset locator, televisions should also have one. For the interim I’m contemplating tying a long thread to the remote with the other end attached to the TV.

Yes we finally found the remote. As always, long after the search was over. It was taking a break on the kitchen shelf.

Q. Why do we find lost things at the last place we look at?
A. Stupid, simply because after you find the stuff, you stop looking for it.

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  • Venkat Ramanan

    Hey Soumya, I too often keep remote somewhere and search for it!! If you come to know of any buzzer like what you have proposed, let me know too!!! :))Cheers,Venkat.

  • Abaniko

    I’d like that to be invented Soumyadip. Not just for tv remote controls but for cell phones, keys, wallets, watches, combs, etc. My friend told me if my fingers aren’t attached to my body, I’d also lose them.

  • Anonymous

    check these links.http://www.sharperimagebest.com/si676.htmlhttp://www.sharperimagebest.com/si676.htmlhttp://www.soundbytes.com/page/SB/PROD/412318you can get one of these and that sure will go a long way to solve ur problem, unless ofcourse you misplace this too.

  • Anonymous
  • San

    i’ve been crying out for one of these things for years now, not that I lose the remote as when i’m watching tv it sits firmly besides me but my parents .. grrr

  • dwaipayan

    hmmm….now i know that everyone is just as forgetful as me!!!!:p

  • AWY

    it is one thing that i wish came with everything lose-able… a locator…hmmm…nice blog, btw…

  • Pallavi

    haha I do that all the time đŸ™‚

  • Accidental Fame Junkie

    I sit on the remote most of the time and then look around for it! đŸ˜› Hota hai!

  • Anonymous

    This address could come handy:Gumshuda Talash Kendra,Nai Kotwali, DariyaganjNew Delhi.110001*Doorbhash hai 011-23276300

  • Sofi

    i can misplace anyything..the remote control is just one in a long list!