San has been scribbling on her blog since April 2005 and she had 32 posts in the first month itself (I managed only three). She’s into film reviewing (though her profile states that she’s quite fussy about her choice of films) on her blog nowadays, but also writes about haircuts, matrimonial woes, love, cricket (yes, women also write about cricket) and gymming. San has a liking for Indian writing in English, her blog’s good to look at too (I’ve a weakness for the darker backgrounds in blogs) and her slippers are fluffy.

For the reasons cited above (and more) the Tenth Isspecial Cutting Chai (January 2007) is offered to San of Sanny’s Scribbles.

Sanny's Scribbles
Previous sipper: VKpedia (December 2006)

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  • San

    Thank you Soumyadip, that has to be the most sweetest chai i’ve tasted. I’m honoured, it really is nice getting a mention like this. Thank you!

  • dwaipayan


  • Sofia

    [email protected]…and i thought i was been linked to something great 😉

  • zee-micks

    nicely described. lol @ women are into cricket too. actually i’d say a sports junkie.oh and yeah her blog definitely is a good looking one. 😉

  • ESIH

    yay..kudos to San, I know her , personally though havent met her ever..liked your blog..will definitely come back to read the rest …

  • Saurabh

    How can you give a blog that is so full of tripe an award? Are people so bored out there that they need to write about (or read about) a hair cut or a visit to a gym?