Searching for pan masala? Try Google Pan Mazza

Google is diversifying, but their expanding ambit surely wouldn’t include pan masala. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot find packets of Google Pan Mazza (pan masala or mouth freshner, depending on the packaging) at your neighbourhood panwallah.

The lettering of the Google logo is similar and also includes the trademark symbol, an element that Google dropped from its logo in 2010. The tagline is also very Google-like – “Your search ends here.”

These images are courtesy Virendra Kumar who often points me to the not-so-regular stuff.

How will Google respond to this blatant trademark infringement? But baaratiyo ka swaagat Google se hona chahiye.

Searching for pan masala? Try Google Pan Mazza

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  • The Google pan masala along with Yahoo & Facebook all are available with local cigarette & gutkha stall all over Hyderabad.

  • This Google mouth freshener manufacturing by Anni Products ,Indore,MadhyaPradesh. I heard this is quite tasty product…!