Outdoor Ads

Sunny Leone in Viiking XXX energy mix surrogate ad

Sunny Leone in Viiking XXX energy mix surrogate ad

Sunny Leone has successfully transited from mainstream pornography to mainstream Bollywood celebrityhood. With films and product endorsements, this Punjabi kudi has her face (well, more than that) plastered on walls (film posters), medical stores (Manforce condom ads) and now also at your neighbourhood panwallah’s. Sunny Leone is the brand ambassador for Viiking Ventures’ XXX brand [Read more]

Air India’s sarcastic Khajuraho kissing ad from the 1970s

A book and a cluster of temples have forever immortalised India has the ancient land of sex. I’ve been to Khajuraho twice and the temples are indeed amazing – even minus the erotic sculptures – and given that no worship happens in most of the temples, they are easily the most serene of the all [Read more]

Indian family planning posters from the 1950s

A joke on India’s most famous family planning slogan: हम दो, हमारे दो, जब तक तीसरा न हो/Hum do, hamare do, jab tak teesra na ho (We two, ours two, until the third comes along) India’s National Family Welfare Programme was launched in 1951 and posters were (and are) one of the most effective modes [Read more]

VK Krishna Menon’s ‘Nehru’s vision, Menon’s mission’ election poster from 1967

VK Krishna Menon was denied a Congress ticket in the 1967 Lok Sabha elections from the Bombay North East constituency. He then fought as an independent candidate, but lost to Congress’ SG Barve by 13169 votes. In his campaign Menon extolled his friend Jawaharlal Nehru’s principles and election posters that read “Nehru’s vision, Menon’s mission” [Read more]

The Amul girl isn’t 50, yet: Trivia, an awesome image and a movie

Utterly, butterly, ignoramus! I am a sucker for anniversaries. They give an opportunity to celebrate something that you want to and the occasion guarantees that readers notice (and also appreciate) your celebration. Was a bit surprised to find that the Indian media was marking the 50th anniversary of the Amul moppet, whereas her golden jubilee [Read more]

Vintage photographs of Shillong from 1948 (also Vallabhbhai Patel calling people of Assam lazy)

Assembly House, Shillong (1948)

64 years later, Shillong is virtually unrecognisable. I could only recognise the Governor House on Bivar Road, then known as Government House, the characteristic Ward’s Lake and the Assembly House (destroyed in a fire on January 9, 2001). These photographs from Government of India’s Photo Division were taken when Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was on a [Read more]

Bhupen Hazarika (1926-2011). North-East India loses a star

The legendary Bhupen Hazarika died of multiple organ failure in a Bombay hospital today. He was one of the few stars of North East India that the rest of the country widely accepted and applauded. For someone from that part of the country his departure hurts a little more. This Star Cement advertising hoarding photographed [Read more]

A beardless Kabir Bedi’s long affair with Wills cigarettes

Got the first glimpse of a beardless Kabir Bedi in a Marlboro Man avatar, thanks to Memsaab. And now here’s another advertisement from the same ‘Start a long affair’ Wills Filter Kings series showing Kabir Bedi (Difficult to recognise him without the beard. That distinctive nose was the clue) in a library, cigarette in hand, [Read more]

Molten gold, Rs 28: The ad that got Calcutta curious

The Indian lust for gold can never be quenched. Gold prices had recently crossed Rs 29,000 for 10 grams. Even at Rs 3,175 back in 1988 gold topped the desire list (maybe along with imported Japanese electronics). An innovative advertiser in Calcutta added curiosity to the desire to come up with an appealing campaign. For [Read more]