10 years of Cutting the Chai: A decade of moulding the digital clay

10 years of Cutting the Chai

2005 – it seems like so long a time ago (in fact, it is). Only birds tweeted back then and Facebook was ‘Thefacebook’ confined to a few elite US colleges. BlackBerry defined the smartphone. I was at my first job and one summer morning – on May 29, 2005 to be precise – signed up [Read more]

Announcing India Shopping Search: A custom search engine for online shopaholics

India Shopping Search Engine

I do a lot of my shopping online and always have an eye open to catch the best diaper deals (We have a 22-month-old son). A big gap in online shopping in India is that there isn’t one search engine to fulfil my online shopping search needs. Google India doesn’t have a shopping option (which [Read more]

Meet Googool, the Chaiwallah Jr.

It’s been two-weeks since the last post on Cutting the Chai, and the reason for the pause is the arrival of Googool, the new member in the Chaiwallah family. He entered this world, and our lives, on 20.11.2011 (November 20, 2011). [blackbirdpie id=”138246392815693824″] Those of you who are in touch with me via Twitter or [Read more]

Announcing – The gateway to my online existences

I had this plot of online real estate for many years, that was used only as an address for letters to reach me. But anyone not knowing my mailing address and looking for me could not find that plot, as it did not have any construction, save the letter box. Not even a boundary wall. [Read more] Cutting the Chai’s Own Twitter Client and URL Shortener

Cutting the CHai - Default featured image

Size does matter, more so on Twitter. The 140-character limit to answer to the question, “What’s happening?” has given us popular URL shortening services such as,, and also Twitter’s own ( was around a much before the world went atwitter). Now add to that list Cutting the Chai’s A six-character [Read more]

So long Blogger. Here comes WordPress-powered

Cutting the CHai - Default featured image

After five years of blogging on Blogger, it’s now time to move on to WordPress (as announced earlier). While the flavour of Cutting the Chai will not change as a result of the metamorphosis from to, I intend to add more spice in the new domain. Of late tweeting has eaten into my [Read more]

No videos! Because deleted my account

Cutting the CHai - Default featured image has deleted my account because I apparently violated their terms of service. I assume that it has something to do about the ads that I upload, they might have interpreted it as promotion for the goods/services. The worst part is that I wasn’t even informed. Though my intention, as any regular reader of this [Read more]