Sisters, will you tie your brothers a Narendra Modi rakhi this Raksha Bandhan? Rs 20 only

Narendra Modi rakhi

The image of Narendra Modi continues to seep into our everyday lives, not only from the media but also from regular objects around us. Almost a decade after the present Prime Minister and then Chief Minister of Gujarat’s face was featured on condom packets distributed by the state government, Modi’s likeness is now also appearing [Read more]

Unofficial Maha Kumbh and Makar Sankranti Google doodle

Cutting the CHai - Default featured image

The sun transits from Sagittarius to Capricorn during the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere and India celebrates Makar Sankranti and the once-in- a-dozen-years event, the Maha Kumbh at Allahabad begins. An unofficial Google doodle to mark the day.

Rongali Bihu unofficial Google doodle

Rongali Bohag Bihu unofficial Google doodle

For some it is the beginning of the new year, for others it marks the end of the harvest season. The reasons may differ but there are celebrations across India at this time of the year. If Google had to celebrate this through a doodle, what would they post on their India home page? Here’s [Read more]

No Holi doodle on Google home page? Worry not, here it is

The Unofficial Google Holi Doodle

Were you a little disappointed to discover that the colourful doodle on the Google home page today was not for Holi, but instead for the Interneational Women’s Day? I was. It is not that I was let down to find a Women’s Day doodle, only that I was expecting a Holi doodle instead on the [Read more]

When India became a republic: Front page of The Indian Express (January 28, 1950)

There’s a difference in knowing from a history book and learning via a historical source. Accounts from a time when an historical event happened and later day interpretations by historians have a different flavour and a blend of both is necessary. Most of us know about January 26, 1950 (and many don’t), but for me [Read more]

The religion of noise

Loudspeaker with a swastika

Peeved with the constant noise blaring from the loudspeakers in the kanvaria vehicles passing through the highway close to my home, dug out this old post from August 2005. August 25, 2005: The night is yet to be over, the morning just on the coast. A banshee cry screeches through the silent dawn. Neither an [Read more]

Caught on Cam: Drunken Holi Brawl

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Drunken fights are fun to watch (the kind where things don’t take a serious turn). More so when you have a powerful camera. Was enjoying a Holi drinking session on my 12th floor balcony with a few friends and cousins when we noticed some activity at the  Vaishali Metro Station site (of the Delhi Metro [Read more]