Did Vivekananda say ‘Sisters and Brothers of America’? Fact checking a fact check

Vivekananda at the World Parliament of Religions

Also a list of the other participants from India at the 1893 Parliament of World’s Religions at Chicago. There were at least 15, including Vivekananda.

My #2013 on Twitter

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My bio on Twitter begins with “Internetaholic,” but the rehab treatment in the form of a two-year-old son has been very effective. These days much of my non-work (I work for a website) Internet use happens only when junior is asleep (like now) and this also includes Twitter. A look at my timeline will almost [Read more]

The Amul girl isn’t 50, yet: Trivia, an awesome image and a movie

Utterly, butterly, ignoramus! I am a sucker for anniversaries. They give an opportunity to celebrate something that you want to and the occasion guarantees that readers notice (and also appreciate) your celebration. Was a bit surprised to find that the Indian media was marking the 50th anniversary of the Amul moppet, whereas her golden jubilee [Read more]

Top 10: Indian political parties with amusing (if not hilarious) names

I would have named the party I founded as the ‘Tea Party’ only that the prerequisites of a constitution, 100 members, Rs 10,000 and 100 affidavits on Rs 2 stamp papers are a bit too overwhelming for a chaiwallah like me. If you think Tea Party is a funny name for a political party, check [Read more]

35 Years of Sholay: The Best of Sholay Jokes

Sholay Title

Also see: Sholay 3D: The unofficial Google doodle Every other film, nowadays, that goes on to become a hit claims to be the greatest hit ever in Indian cinema. The fact is, Sholay is and will remain for quite some time to come, the biggest Bollywood movie ever made. Sholay released on August 15, 1975 [Read more]

The 20 Greatest Films Ever Made in India

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I’m a big sucker for lists. More so when it has something to do with India and/or cinema. So obviously I was quite excited about the results of the T20 of Indian Cinema at The 40th International Film Festival of India being held in Goa. Though I didn’t quite like the title, anyway the grumbles [Read more]

The Best Men’s Magazines in India

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Everyday’s an endless stream Of cigarettes and magazines… [Homeward Bound, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel] On cigarettes, I’ve posted before and magazines are a recurring theme on this blog. Since I shouldn’t be ranking the best cigarettes in India, I thought of arranging at least the men’s magazines in the right order, especially since almost [Read more] Top 99 Women Complete List; Ash 60th

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There are too many of these sexiest women/men lists. And some of them are plain misleading – being just a publicity stunt. India editions of international men’s magazines announce some Bollywood actress as the “sexiest woman of the world,” while in their other editions the ‘sexiest’ female might not even appear for contention. There are [Read more]