The day BSA SLR helped Kapil Dev fly high

In the 1980s, Kapil Dev was India’s hottest cricket sensation. Leading India to win the World Cup immediately gave the Haryana Hurricane a label of greatness in the hearts and the minds of Indian cricket fans and with it came lots of endorsement deals. Though not as lucrative as the ones today’s cricketers enjoy. Whenever [Read more]

Uncle Pai Should be Remembered More for Tinkle than for Amar Chitra Katha

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For me the Uncle Pai association is stronger with Tinkle than with Amar Chitra Katha. Amar Chitra Katha told mythological and historical stories, Tinkle was (and I believe still is) much, much more.

Savita Bhabhi blocked again in India (also Typepad and Mobango)

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The infamous Indian sister-in-law, after her initial brush with the Indian law in 2009 when the domain was shown the red flag by sarkari babus, remained low for a while before making a comeback on a new domain.

Censored in India, Savita Bhabhi goes French

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She’s one porn star who has everyone ‘excited’, right from the government babus to the editors in the newsrooms. Though Savita Bhabhi has been back after the ban via a new domain, the resurrection also seems to have been obstructed. The new website doesn’t seem accessible directly (there’s always the other way around), atleast [Read more]