For American cartoonists in WWII era Gandhi was a fool and a traitor

Cartoonists in American newspapers during World War II didn’t seem have much regard for, or an understanding of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. This article from the August 24, 1942 issue of Life magazine displays some example and also analyses the reasons behind the contempt: [View large] AMERICAN CARTOONISTS ATTACK INDIA’S GREATEST MAN They portray Gandhi as [Read more]

Dissecting the Volkswagen Vento Talking Print Ad

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The advertisement that got everyone talking: in the office, at home, on Twitter, on Facebook, on blogs and even on Google search. Volkswagen came up with an innovative talking print advertisement in select editions of The Times of India (Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Pune) and The Hindu for the Vento sedan on September 21, 2010. [Read more]

Ads for Oral Sex!

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One day, in the comparatively innocent times that we grew up in, a friend announced, “I had oral sex.” I and another friend present were stupefied. We were still in school. “Come, again,” (no pun intended) we said. He repeated the four shattering words again, with extra emphasis. Curious, we prodded for details and it [Read more]

When News is Sold

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There is nothing new about the news of news being paid for. I first became aware of this practice as a mass communication student in the early 2000s. To me, then, it seemed that it was not just news but the soul that is being bartered. The feeling still holds true. Even this insignificant blog [Read more]

Against Terror. In all Forms

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It’s November 26. Said to be the day we commemorate what is often called India’s 9/11. The date-month order may be transposed, but even after that bloody (and live) 72 hours nothing much else seems to be. I still vividly remember the day and the ones following. Came home late, switched on the TV saw [Read more]

By the way, Shillong is in Sikkim

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…or at least some people at The Indian Express think so. I wouldn’t have otherwise posted about this ‘oversight’, but for the fact that the news item in question appeared in the ‘From the Northeast’ page of the newspaper. The news was about an altercation between two groups of students (‘locals’ versus ‘outsiders’) at the [Read more]

Hindustan Times: Hitting the paper on the head

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Hindustan Times seems to have a thing for makeovers. I remember seeing at least four different avatars of the newspaper. Good. Change is good. Though I didn’t quite like their print campaign advertising the all new Hindustan Times, their short TV ads do make a point and hit the paper right on the head, literally. [Read more]

A Day in the Life of The Times of India – 20 Years Back

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On my usual ad hunting endeavour I happened to discover this 20-year-old piece by Mohan Sivanand (accompanied by RK Laxman’s illustrations). It gives us a peek into the world of newspapers when computers had made their initial impression and the internet and Google were still many years away. Reproduced from Reader’s Digest – February 1987 [Read more]