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Every day is a celebration in India and also at India Post

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When a new year begins, we all clamour for our calendars. Most are easy to get (including Cutting the Chai calendar), others harder to own. While the glamourous type make the most news [1, 2 ], there are some gems that we are often unaware of. Ogilvy & Mather created a very creative calendar for [Read more]

So long Blogger. Here comes WordPress-powered

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After five years of blogging on Blogger, it’s now time to move on to WordPress (as announced earlier). While the flavour of Cutting the Chai will not change as a result of the metamorphosis from to, I intend to add more spice in the new domain. Of late tweeting has eaten into my [Read more]

Printable Football World Cup 2010 Schedule in IST

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The World Cup is only a few hours away and like all the previous editions (right from 1986, though I don’t remember much of that) I’ll be hooked to the ball. Thankfully, this year the match timings are comparatively India friendly. Keeping alive the Cutting the Chai tradition of simple-printable-A4-sized-approach, here’s presenting the 2010 World [Read more]