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Why Agneepath needed a remake

Agneepath - Old and new

Some movies just need to be there, embedded in our memories. We shouldn’t attempt to refresh its memory by trying to watch them again. I now regret having watched Agneepath again after all these years. All the fondness is now gone. Before the DVD began to whirr I had these glorious tales to tell the [Read more]

Amrutanjan takes on Zandu’s badnaam Munni with Savita Bhabhi

Amrutanjan Savita Bhabhi ad

The script of the new ad for Amrutanjan Roll-On balm reads like one straight out from a Savita Bhabhi comic (minus the sex). Two couples travelling on a train, one young, another a little older. The young man steps out of the first class compartment to find some relief for a headache and the relief [Read more]