Daily Archives: September 25, 2011

How Maxim maidens bowl the men over

Maxim claims to be the sexiest men’s magazine around and occasionally comes with with sexy ads promoting itself. Here’s a sample from 2005: Maxim The best thing to happen to men since women. How to bowl a maiden over. And everything else on a man’s mind Excites more men around the world than any other [Read more]

‘Finally a shaving cream that doesn’t arouse sexual feelings’

Really? And I am also eagerly waiting for the deodorant that doesn’t assure deprived males of an unlimited supply of attractive and libidinous women at just the spray of a can. The simple logic behind the monotonous similarity of advertisements for male grooming products is that men want to look (and smell) good so that [Read more]

The day BSA SLR helped Kapil Dev fly high

In the 1980s, Kapil Dev was India’s hottest cricket sensation. Leading India to win the World Cup immediately gave the Haryana Hurricane a label of greatness in the hearts and the minds of Indian cricket fans and with it came lots of endorsement deals. Though not as lucrative as the ones today’s cricketers enjoy. Whenever [Read more]