Monthly Archives: October 2011

Fancy a puff from an air-conditioned cigarette?

When I first saw this ad for Caravan Air-Conditioned Cigarettes, the first thought that came to my mind was “WTF is an air-conditioned cigarette?” Guessed it could be some menthol cigarette (if Emami’s Navratna Cool Talc can call itself the world’s smallest AC, why can’t a brand of minty cigarettes?). A closer read revealed it [Read more]

For American cartoonists in WWII era Gandhi was a fool and a traitor

Cartoonists in American newspapers during World War II didn’t seem have much regard for, or an understanding of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. This article from the August 24, 1942 issue of Life magazine displays some example and also analyses the reasons behind the contempt: [View large] AMERICAN CARTOONISTS ATTACK INDIA’S GREATEST MAN They portray Gandhi as [Read more]

Watch: Helen, Queen of the Nautch Girls (and a Lux ad)

A 1973 31-minute documentary from Merchant Ivory Productions, directed and narrated by Anthony Korner on Bollywood greatest ‘item girl’ ever. It’s Helen’s 72nd birthday today. But before you head on to the video, a vintage Lux advertisement featuring Helen. YouTube playlist: Helen, Queen of the Nautch Girls Madhu Nair points out that the YouTube videos [Read more]

So the leaked Rs 10 coin design with the new rupee symbol was a fake

Within two weeks of the announcement of the new symbol for the Indian rupee, a design for a Rs 10 coin surfaced online and was widely circulated. Many, including me, doubted its credibility. [Source] Yesterday, I got my hands on the real deal. I had previously posted images of Rs 2 and Rs 5 coins [Read more]

How I could have easily hacked into your account, but didn’t

I am not much of a hacker and also am not on the lookout for holes in a system that will grant me easy access, but when a website keeps the restricted entry doors ajar, I can’t help but take a peep inside. The shoddy security that online shopping website had in place, did [Read more]

Sunil Gavaskar’s health plan and mix-up as a newborn

Sunil Gavaskar was paid Rs 2,000 for the first advertisement he appeared in. Though CK Nayudu and Farokh Engineer were the poineering Indian cricketers in the field of brand endorsement, it was the Little Master whom avdertisers sought with sustained regularity. Gavaskar endorsed a wide range of products, from Palmolive shaving cream to Forhan’s toothpaste [Read more]

Amul’s tribute to Steve Jobs

An Apple logo shaped candle and “Steve Jobs 1955-2011” written in white Apple chiclet keys. Amul, in a topical ad, pays tribute to the passing of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. Back in August when Steve Jobs resigned as Apple CEO, the ad was, obviously, more lively and fun. “iGone” Apple loses its core! Amul iStore. [Read more]

Google sends +1 stickers with Adsense cheque

Was pleasantly surprised to find a couple of Google Plus One stickers along with my Google Adsense cheque for the month. While money rarely fails to please me, but some free goodies are always welcome. Thank you Google. Now am wondering about where to stick the Google +1 stickers. Some people have reported receiving many [Read more]

There was something Rajinikanth about Steve Jobs

An early morning phone call shattered a lovely dream, what was more shattering was the news behind the phone call. “Steve Jobs is dead,” said the calm sounding voice of @gillianhooper at the other end. When someone passes away, we hunt for emotions inside us and also some words that will best describe the departed [Read more]

A beardless Kabir Bedi’s long affair with Wills cigarettes

Got the first glimpse of a beardless Kabir Bedi in a Marlboro Man avatar, thanks to Memsaab. And now here’s another advertisement from the same ‘Start a long affair’ Wills Filter Kings series showing Kabir Bedi (Difficult to recognise him without the beard. That distinctive nose was the clue) in a library, cigarette in hand, [Read more]