ads from the 2000s

Syringe and sex: Nirlife Oneuse disposable syringes ads

Non-disposable syringes are the second biggest cause of HIV. Nirlife Oneuse disposable syringes.

How do you spice up a disposable syringe ad? This set of three ads by DDB Mudra for Nirma’s healthcare division Nirlife takes a shot in that direction. To inject the point that non-disposable syringes are the second biggest cause of HIV infections after unprotected sex, the ads bring one of the most popular characters [Read more]

Voltas All Weather AC (Murthy) ad gives Cherrapunjee a bad name

Cherrapunjee - the Rainiest Place on Planet Earth

In a city like Delhi, your air conditioners should be all weather but not if you happen to be transferred to Cherrapunjee in Meghalaya. In fact the Voltas All Weather AC advertisement on television (featuring the much-transferred Murthy) doesn’t paint the true picture of Cherrapunjee. Yes, it doesn’t rain as much as it used to [Read more]

Bhupen Hazarika (1926-2011). North-East India loses a star

The legendary Bhupen Hazarika died of multiple organ failure in a Bombay hospital today. He was one of the few stars of North East India that the rest of the country widely accepted and applauded. For someone from that part of the country his departure hurts a little more. This Star Cement advertising hoarding photographed [Read more]

How Maxim maidens bowl the men over

Maxim claims to be the sexiest men’s magazine around and occasionally comes with with sexy ads promoting itself. Here’s a sample from 2005: Maxim The best thing to happen to men since women. How to bowl a maiden over. And everything else on a man’s mind Excites more men around the world than any other [Read more]

‘Finally a shaving cream that doesn’t arouse sexual feelings’

Really? And I am also eagerly waiting for the deodorant that doesn’t assure deprived males of an unlimited supply of attractive and libidinous women at just the spray of a can. The simple logic behind the monotonous similarity of advertisements for male grooming products is that men want to look (and smell) good so that [Read more]

Dissecting the Volkswagen Vento Talking Print Ad

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The advertisement that got everyone talking: in the office, at home, on Twitter, on Facebook, on blogs and even on Google search. Volkswagen came up with an innovative talking print advertisement in select editions of The Times of India (Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Pune) and The Hindu for the Vento sedan on September 21, 2010. [Read more]

Citizen Sweety Blouse: Draupadi Cheer Haran

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One of the highlights of the Mahabharat (you can watch the complete episodes of the original TV serial here) was Draupadi’s cheer haran. And one of the wittiest Bollywood movies Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron also incorporated that in the climax. Ekta Kapoor’s tried to add a twist to the great epic with her Kahani Hamare [Read more]

Katrina Kaif in New Aamsutra Ad

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This Slice Aamsutra TVC appears to be an U-rated version of the Kaamsutra/Kamasutra, with some mango nectar involved in a sensuous play with one of Bollywood’s most dazzling beauties – Katrina Kaif. I found it to be quite… erotic. The Rasiya Aaja number in the background is quite pleasant to the ears. Download video [00:00:37 [Read more]

MOTOFONE Suhaag Raat Ad

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I don’t remember seeing this ad on TV. Maybe because I watch very little on the television these days. The idea of posting this ad came when a friend discussed the noisy nocturnal adventures of the couple next door. But then what the ears suggest can often get obliterated by what the eyes would see. [Read more]

Seduced by Chocolate

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Since it has been quite some time since I filed a post under Sexy Indian Ads and that Kareena is presently keeping the grapevine abuzz, I thought that it might just be timely to post a sexy Kareena ad. Lux 75 Years of StardomSkindulgenceIndulge your skin with New Lux Chocolate Seduction Soap.Rich with real cocoa [Read more]