Download for free: 40 HarperCollins India ebooks on Google Play

Download for free: 39 HarperCollins India ebooks on Google Play

Disclosure: I am an ebook evangelist. Update 2: As expected, Google and HarperCollins India seems to have been alerted of the leak and the free fest is now over. I hope the early birds got their worms. Update 1: The free ebook count is now 40 (up from 39). Thanks Amit! Also URL structure changed [Read more]

The Amul girl isn’t 50, yet: Trivia, an awesome image and a movie

Utterly, butterly, ignoramus! I am a sucker for anniversaries. They give an opportunity to celebrate something that you want to and the occasion guarantees that readers notice (and also appreciate) your celebration. Was a bit surprised to find that the Indian media was marking the 50th anniversary of the Amul moppet, whereas her golden jubilee [Read more]

Amul’s tribute to Steve Jobs

An Apple logo shaped candle and “Steve Jobs 1955-2011” written in white Apple chiclet keys. Amul, in a topical ad, pays tribute to the passing of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. Back in August when Steve Jobs resigned as Apple CEO, the ad was, obviously, more lively and fun. “iGone” Apple loses its core! Amul iStore. [Read more]

Nutramul dada: Jugal Hansraj’s second-best role ever

Jugal Hansraj Nutramul dada

Second-best, as his best was in Masoom (1983). Maybe growing up and stopping the Nutramul intake had an adverse effect on Jugal Hansraj. His acting career went nowhere and his directorial dreams also seem to be headed the same way. This advertisement from the late 1970s has a young Jugal as Raju, a boy who [Read more]