Poha: The momo for the mornings

Poha seller in Noida

I begin writing this perched on the top berth in a sleeper coach of a train that has a long halt at Ujjain Railway Station. Ujjain is an ancient town that has an important role in India’s history and religion. At the previous station, Nagda, I had a breakfast, that has become almost a ritual [Read more]

Watch: Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Maino’s wedding video

Rajiv Gandhi Sonia Gandhi wedding

Whenever I have a little time on my hand (which is actually very little these days), I like to browse through archives (both physical and digital) in search for hidden gems and today stumbled upon this: Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Maino’s wedding video from February 25, 1968. (Note that the video doesn’t have any sound) [Read more]

AAP’s Delhi sweep – the unofficial Google doodle

AAP's Delhi win - the unofficial Google doodle

While it is true that Delhi does get more attention than it actually deserves, but then many astounding things happen in the nation’s capital that forces us to stand up and take notice. Today’s momentous election verdict is one such. The upstart Aam Aadmi Party under the leadership of Arvind Kejriwal swept away the much [Read more]

206-year-old hand-drawn map of Delhi from 1807

206-year-old hand-drawn map of Delhi from 1807

This is my tenth year in the capital of India and many parts of the city has changed beyond recognition in a decade. Ever wondered what Delhi was like two centuries ago? The year is 1807. There is no India Gate or for that matter New Delhi. It has been only a few years that [Read more]

To whomsoever it concerns, knows

There are those who lech at women in public and also express anger over rape and molestation incidents online. I know a few and so would you. A little message for them from Cutting the Chai. If you wish to share this post, you can retweet this or share this Facebook post.

When @MasalaBai got @PoojaB1972’s goat

Twitter bird fight

Work for me is fun, more so with colleagues like @MasalaBai (Rituparna Chatterjee) around. So today following the news of the blast in an Israeli embassy car in Delhi when actress-turned-producer-turned-director Pooja Bhatt went on a rant against the media on Twitter, @MasalaBai couldn’t restrain the journalist within her. What followed was a tweet skirmish [Read more]

The religion of noise

Loudspeaker with a swastika

Peeved with the constant noise blaring from the loudspeakers in the kanvaria vehicles passing through the highway close to my home, dug out this old post from August 2005. August 25, 2005: The night is yet to be over, the morning just on the coast. A banshee cry screeches through the silent dawn. Neither an [Read more]

The Topless Beauty and the Beasts

Cutting the CHai - Default featured image

For obvious reasons this statue was quite popular with men (and also some women) at Surajkund Fair this year. Men just cannot resist mammaries. Some lechers were also trying out semi-pornographic acts with the topless statue. But before I could take my camera out, their lascivious acts were over. The man in the picture wasn’t [Read more]

Join IPL – Institute of Political Leadership

Cutting the CHai - Default featured image

Delhi is a city of interesting abbreviations. CID isn’t necessarily Crime Investigation Department, it can also be expanded to Crime Immunisation Dias (whatever that means, the worth lies not in the expansion but the contraction). The members of this organisation also paste official-looking CID stickers on their cars. The full form, of course, is in [Read more]

Caught on Cam: Drunken Holi Brawl

Cutting the CHai - Default featured image

Drunken fights are fun to watch (the kind where things don’t take a serious turn). More so when you have a powerful camera. Was enjoying a Holi drinking session on my 12th floor balcony with a few friends and cousins when we noticed some activity at the  Vaishali Metro Station site (of the Delhi Metro [Read more]