Can’t dial emergency number from prepaid. What an @#!%& Idea sirji!

Cannot dial emergency number 100 on Idea Cellular prepaid

Idea Cellular tom-toms it’s ‘ideas’ through multi-crore advertising campaigns. If only the agency that devised those ideas had also added some commonsense for their client at a nominal charge. It appears that you cannot dial the emergency number 100 (Police Control Room number) from a prepaid Idea connection, as my wife unpleasantly discovered when she [Read more]

Why I won’t ever buy from (and neither should you)

Shoddy service. Six months and still no delivery.

This is not a rant, but an expression of consumer dissatisfaction. A part of an effort to prevent other unsuspecting customers from being cheated by unscrupulous e-commerce websites. It has been SIX MONTHS today since I ordered some gifts for my niece and nephew from and there is no trace of delivery and also [Read more]

Dear Seventymm, you suck!

A few days ago my brother went to watch Ra.One and he was not very pleased to see as the merchandise partner for the film (It is a different story that neither my nephew nor my niece were very pleased with the movie either). The reason was that something that I had sent for [Read more]

How I could have easily hacked into your account, but didn’t

I am not much of a hacker and also am not on the lookout for holes in a system that will grant me easy access, but when a website keeps the restricted entry doors ajar, I can’t help but take a peep inside. The shoddy security that online shopping website had in place, did [Read more]

The religion of noise

Loudspeaker with a swastika

Peeved with the constant noise blaring from the loudspeakers in the kanvaria vehicles passing through the highway close to my home, dug out this old post from August 2005. August 25, 2005: The night is yet to be over, the morning just on the coast. A banshee cry screeches through the silent dawn. Neither an [Read more]

The absurdity of Ramdev

Cutting the CHai - Default featured image

The manner in which Ramdev was evicted from his protest venue was indeed stupid. I expected better from the people with the responsibility to run our country. A little tactic, perhaps, given that Ramdev is high on nuisance value. I have a thing against preachers. They talk more, listen less and always want to be [Read more]

Why I haven’t watched a single IPL match till date

Cutting the CHai - Default featured image

I know I am in a minority, maybe even a namuna. I haven’t watched a single IPL match from the beginning to end and something inside me doesn’t want me to. I understand the craze, but can’t get crazy. It’s not that I don’t follow cricket. I do. How can I not? I have even [Read more]