When India became a republic: Front page of The Indian Express (January 28, 1950)

There’s a difference in knowing from a history book and learning via a historical source. Accounts from a time when an historical event happened and later day interpretations by historians have a different flavour and a blend of both is necessary. Most of us know about January 26, 1950 (and many don’t), but for me [Read more]

Blast from the Past: Men’s Hairstyle in 200 BC

Cutting the CHai - Default featured image

The neighbourhood saloons (Indian salons) have those charts with hairstyles that I wouldn’t want to be seen dead in. Ever wondered what a similar hairstyle chart would have looked like back in the 2nd century BC? It could very well be the image below: Found this hanging inside the men’s loo at Mandu (the abandoned [Read more]