You can now embed WhatsApp videos (and images) on webpages

You can now embed WhatsApp videos (and images) on webpages

You can now while away your hours sending inane messages and deciphering emoji puzzles in the comfort of the web browser (Google Chrome to be precise). WhatsApp is now officially available on the desktop. One interesting out-turn is that WhatsApp videos and images can now be embedded on webpages (conditions apply*). While WhatsApp isn’t letting [Read more]

How to use Twitter to post animated GIFs to Facebook

Facebook animatted GIF

This is a corollary to a previous post, where I discussed all that you need to keep in mind while creating animated GIFs to post to Twitter. Post by Cutting the Chai. This new Twitter feature also means that in addition to using Twitter as a free GIF to video conversion service, we can also [Read more]

How to verify or check any PAN number online for free

Blank PAN card

PAN cards often become pain cards. Particularly now that the Income Tax Department insists on the landlord’s PAN for an annual rent above Rs 100,000 and many landlords are not very forthcoming in sharing their PAN for the fear of paying taxes. And there are some landlords who are willing to share their PAN but [Read more]

My #2013 on Twitter

Soumyadip Twitter

My bio on Twitter begins with “Internetaholic,” but the rehab treatment in the form of a two-year-old son has been very effective. These days much of my non-work (I work for a website) Internet use happens only when junior is asleep (like now) and this also includes Twitter. A look at my timeline will almost [Read more]

Google’s website on civil rights movement practises discrimination

Google's 'March on Washington' website on the Civil Rights movement practices discrimination

You just cannot miss the irony trying to access Google’s website on the 50th anniversary of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr’s historic “I have a dream” speech on a web browser other than Google’s own Chrome. A website on equality, practising discrimination! A cold message appears on a dark background, “Your device is not supported. [Read more]

Why what’s trending on Twitter in India is largely inconsequential

Why what's trending on Twitter in India is largely inconsequential

Now that the mainstream Indian media has discovered the wonders of the Internet, anything that is remotely out of the ordinary online tends to make headlines and triggers studio discussions. One of the most misused words in the mainstream media is of course – hacking. And the other most followed and reported on is Twitter [Read more]

IIPM versus us: The story so far (as recorded by Cutting the Chai)

Cutting the CHai - Default featured image

As IIPM makes headlines yet again for the wrong reasons, I skimmed through Cutting the Chai archives and my tweets to realise that there have been a lot since the infamous IIPM vs Bloggers battle back in 2005 that I have posted about. Since this little blog isn’t quite as popular as the other websites [Read more]

To whomsoever it concerns, knows

There are those who lech at women in public and also express anger over rape and molestation incidents online. I know a few and so would you. A little message for them from Cutting the Chai. If you wish to share this post, you can retweet this or share this Facebook post.

Manmohan Singh’s 80th birthday unofficial Google doodle

Manmohan Singh’s 80th birthday unofficial Google doodle

Our dear Prime Minister Sardar Manmohan Singh turns an octogenarian on September 26, 2012 and Cutting the Chai commemorates it with an unofficial Google doodle. Dr Singh’s caricature strategically represents the ‘G’ in the Google logo and and quite like the PM in his political avatar, the lips aren’t open. Also added a little animation, [Read more]

Apple iPhone 5 Google doodle

Apple iPhone 5 Google doodle

The Apple iPhone 5 was unveiled last night and it did fall short of achieving awesomeness. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Google marked the new iPhone’s release on its home page with a doodle? But then the world isn’t that awesome a place, therefore there is no real iPhone 5 Google doodle but only a [Read more]

Plagiarism and the Indian media: Absolute apathy

Copy and paste journalism

For a plagiarised paragraph, Fareed Zakaria was suspended by Time and CNN. A journalist of repute, Zakaria accepted that he “made a terrible mistake” and apologised “unreservedly”. In India there have also been a few incidents [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] where journalistic plagiarism stood exposed. But then I haven’t yet heard of any unreserved [Read more]

President Pranab Google doodle

President Pranab Mukherjee unofficial Google doodle

So Poltu will be the 13th President of the Republic of India. I think it is good for the psychology of the Republic that we will soon have a President PM who is known to break into laughter once in a while, given that our Prime Minister is notorious for his deadpan expression. President Poltu [Read more]