Amitabh Bachchan’s Raam-Jaane-meets-Anil-Kapoor avatar

The title of this post is precisely what this image reminded me of, even though @SrBachchan isn’t as blessed with copious amounts of body hair as Anil Kapoor. Yet another Sholay phatichar joke: If Anil Kapoor played Thakur in Sholay, then Gabbar would’ve yelled, “Yeh baal humko de de Thakur, yeh baal humko de de!” [Read more]

There was something Rajinikanth about Steve Jobs

An early morning phone call shattered a lovely dream, what was more shattering was the news behind the phone call. “Steve Jobs is dead,” said the calm sounding voice of @gillianhooper at the other end. When someone passes away, we hunt for emotions inside us and also some words that will best describe the departed [Read more]

Wills Filter: Made for each other

This was perhaps the most noticed (and the longest running) of all the ads in Hindustan Thompson Associates’ (HTA) ‘Made for each other’ series for Wills Filter cigarettes. This ad is a scan from the April 1989 issue of The Calcutta Skyline. Made for each other Wills Filter set the filter trend in cigarettes long [Read more]

35 Years of Sholay: The Best of Sholay Jokes

Sholay Title

Also see: Sholay 3D: The unofficial Google doodle Every other film, nowadays, that goes on to become a hit claims to be the greatest hit ever in Indian cinema. The fact is, Sholay is and will remain for quite some time to come, the biggest Bollywood movie ever made. Sholay released on August 15, 1975 [Read more]

Rubbers of India

Cutting the CHai - Default featured image

In New Delhi’s Nirman Bhavan there is a clock, but it doesn’t tell the time. It calculates the cumulative fruits of efforts initiated approximately 280 days ago. The rate of increase is approximately 29 per minute. It would’ve definitely been faster, if not for inventions called contraceptives. The most popular and visible form of this [Read more]