Filmfare magazine cover dated April 2, 1954 featuring the first Filmfare Award winners

Filmfare magazine cover dated April 2, 1954 featuring the first Filmfare Award winners

60 years ago on Sunday, March 31, 1954 the first Filmfare Awards ceremony (for films released in 1952-53) was held at Bombay’s Metro Cinema and the subsequent issue of the fortnightly film magazine (dated April 2, 1954) had on its cover three of the winners from the night posing with their trophies. On the cover [Read more]

At Rs 100/issue buy e-versions of Filmfare magazine from 60 years ago

At Rs 100/issue buy e-versions of Filmfare magazine from 60 years ago

Update: Filmfare seems to have removed its magazines from sale on Magzter. As regular readers of this blog (if there are any) would know, I have a thing for vintage magazines and I just discovered that vintage Filmfare issues from 1954 onwards are now available for purchase in a digital format online. At Rs 100 [Read more]

Illustrated Weekly cover: Varadarajan ‘Nayagan’ Mudaliar, the ‘most feared man in Bombay’

Varadarajan Mudaliar, the man who inspired Nayagan and Dayavan, on the cover of Illustrated Weekly of India

The Bombay underworld, is full of stories fit to be made into movies and they have been – lots of them. One of these films unfailingly finds a place in the list of the best movies ever made in India – Maniratnam’s 1987 film Nayagan based on the life of Varda Bhai (Varadarajan Mudaliar) who [Read more]

Kohinoor Maxim Sex Survey questionnaire reveals the deceptiveness of sex surveys

Kohinoor Maxim Sex Survey

Came across this questionnaire for the Kohinoor Silk Condoms Maxim Sex Survey 2012. You may choose to take a print, fill it out and send it across (and Maxim may give you a free subscription or a naughty gift), but if you are a woman (straight, lesbian or bisexual) or a man (gay or bisexual) [Read more]

India Public Domain Movie Project in Cine Blitz July 2012

Cine Blitz on The India Public Domain Movie Project

The attention that The Indian Public Domain Project is getting in the mainstream media sometimes seems a little disproportionate to me given that I’ve posted only a couple of movies here. Here’s what the film magazine Cine Blitz has to say on the project in its July 2012 issue: Rare Gems What an idea, sirji! [Read more]

Audio recording of Swami Vivekananda’s 1893 Chicago address is fake

Today (January 12, 2012) is the 149th birth anniversary of one of India’s most revered philosophers and religious leaders. One of the landmarks of Swami Vivekananda’s life was his address at the 1893 Parliament of World’s Religions at Chicago. As far as I knew, there wasn’t any audio recording of the historic speech and therefore [Read more]

How to easily get unflattering content removed from a website

Cutting the CHai - Default featured image

Some of you have enquired about why the post on Dolly Bindra on Fantasy magazine cover suddenly disappeared from the blog and I believe I owe you an explanation. I took off the post because Dolly Bindra requested me to and I thought she had a valid argument and I should oblige. Also I think [Read more]

For American cartoonists in WWII era Gandhi was a fool and a traitor

Cartoonists in American newspapers during World War II didn’t seem have much regard for, or an understanding of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. This article from the August 24, 1942 issue of Life magazine displays some example and also analyses the reasons behind the contempt: [View large] AMERICAN CARTOONISTS ATTACK INDIA’S GREATEST MAN They portray Gandhi as [Read more]

How Maxim maidens bowl the men over

Maxim claims to be the sexiest men’s magazine around and occasionally comes with with sexy ads promoting itself. Here’s a sample from 2005: Maxim The best thing to happen to men since women. How to bowl a maiden over. And everything else on a man’s mind Excites more men around the world than any other [Read more]

Femina Kamasutra Mehndi Cheat Sheet [NSFW]

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Suhagraat. The legendary Indian tradition where the newly-weds are left alone in a room for the first time, to do what newly-weds are expected to do. The marriage, according to Bollywood, is in almost all cases consummated on the suhagraat itself. Found this print advertisement for Femina magazine here. Probably from the early 2000s when [Read more]

Dissecting the Volkswagen Vento Talking Print Ad

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The advertisement that got everyone talking: in the office, at home, on Twitter, on Facebook, on blogs and even on Google search. Volkswagen came up with an innovative talking print advertisement in select editions of The Times of India (Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Pune) and The Hindu for the Vento sedan on September 21, 2010. [Read more]

Ads for Oral Sex!

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One day, in the comparatively innocent times that we grew up in, a friend announced, “I had oral sex.” I and another friend present were stupefied. We were still in school. “Come, again,” (no pun intended) we said. He repeated the four shattering words again, with extra emphasis. Curious, we prodded for details and it [Read more]