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Caught again! Flipkart offers fake discount during Big Billion Days sale

Flipkart fake MRP

Update (December 23, 2015): Instead of fixing the error, Flipkart is taking this to a whole new level. The same book is now being sold at a price of Rs 1,000 at a claimed discount of 60%. The MRP on the image of the book is still shown as Rs 150. Surge pricing, Flipkart? The [Read more]

According to eBay, Blue Dart can go back in time to deliver packages

According to eBay India, Blue Dart has a time machine

Like many of you, I haven’t had the best of experiences with courier services and the situation is now such that I am actually surprised if something I sent is delivered on time. But when this email from landed in my inbox, I had to sit up and take notice and quickly type out [Read more]

Announcing India Shopping Search: A custom search engine for online shopaholics

India Shopping Search Engine

I do a lot of my shopping online and always have an eye open to catch the best diaper deals (We have a 22-month-old son). A big gap in online shopping in India is that there isn’t one search engine to fulfil my online shopping search needs. Google India doesn’t have a shopping option (which [Read more]

Dear Seventymm, you suck!

A few days ago my brother went to watch Ra.One and he was not very pleased to see as the merchandise partner for the film (It is a different story that neither my nephew nor my niece were very pleased with the movie either). The reason was that something that I had sent for [Read more]

How I could have easily hacked into your account, but didn’t

I am not much of a hacker and also am not on the lookout for holes in a system that will grant me easy access, but when a website keeps the restricted entry doors ajar, I can’t help but take a peep inside. The shoddy security that online shopping website had in place, did [Read more]

Trust the Chinese to sell maternity jeans for men

I am not an avid online shopper, but am slowly changing my purchasing priorities. While nothing can beat the experience of the touch and feel of offline shopping, there are stuff that you cannot easily find in the neighbourhood stores. And there are things that you discover online that is very unlikely to get any [Read more]