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Announcing India Shopping Search: A custom search engine for online shopaholics

India Shopping Search Engine

I do a lot of my shopping online and always have an eye open to catch the best diaper deals (We have a 22-month-old son). A big gap in online shopping in India is that there isn’t one search engine to fulfil my online shopping search needs. Google India doesn’t have a shopping option (which [Read more]

Rongali Bihu unofficial Google doodle

Rongali Bohag Bihu unofficial Google doodle

For some it is the beginning of the new year, for others it marks the end of the harvest season. The reasons may differ but there are celebrations across India at this time of the year. If Google had to celebrate this through a doodle, what would they post on their India home page? Here’s [Read more]

April Fool’s Day unofficial Google doodle

Unofficial Google April Fool's Day doodle

Google is known for its April Fool’s Day pranks, but there has been only one All Fool’s Day Google doodle till date. As there isn’t any April Fool doodle on the Google home page this first of April, here’s to fill the void is an unofficial edition of the Google April Fool’s Day doodle. Click [Read more]

10 wonderful uses of Google Docs Viewer

10 wonderful uses of Google Docs Viewer

One of my favourite online tools is Google Docs viewer (, the VLC Player equivalent for viewing, embedding and sharing content online. In its current form this wonderful tool can do more than any other online tool that I am aware of. The Google Docs Viewer has been around for a few years now, but [Read more]

How to read the stories behind the Google Doodles

Google has till date posted 1304 doodles (yes, I counted), but added stories for only 96 of them. So how to we find those elusive Google Doodle stories? Like millions of you, I also am a huge Google Doodle fan and have spent hours browsing through Google’s Doodle archive. And when Google launched the revamped [Read more] Gives up on Music Search

Cutting the CHai - Default featured image is giving up on its USP – music search. Not sure whether it is because of the piracy allegations that led to the arrest of its CEO or the emerging competition in the form of Google Music and the still in private beta Indiatimes’ Indications are, it is more of the former. The [Read more]

India Googles Kaun Banega Crorepati

Cutting the CHai - Default featured image

An association with Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) is what Google TV needs to be a success in India, that is whenever it launches in our tech-neglected country. KBC has got Indians googling for answers to the questions asked on the show. Interestingly, some of the searching also happens much after the show is aired and [Read more]

Cutting the Chai Effect: Guruji Sheds Copyrighted Material

Cutting the CHai - Default featured image

Don’t mind the title of the post. I couldn’t help it. Afterall while T-Series’ army of lawyers couldn’t yet stop from indexing ‘pirated’ content, the previous post on Cutting the Chai seems to have got the website to remove other copyrighted material. The earlier design for’s homepage, as pointed out in this blog, [Read more]

Microsoft bars Indians from searching for sex

Cutting the CHai - Default featured image

Update (23 September 2010): Bing now allows Indians to search for sex. But only text no photos or videos. Microsoft silently made available to the public its new (actually Live Search on energy boosters) search engine – they prefer to call it a “decision engine”. And the online world was abuzz with buzz about [Read more]