Et tu, Dadamoni? How Ashok Kumar fell from grace in Suraiya’s eyes

Ashok Kumar with Suraiya

There are a lot of distractions while reading eBooks on the phone and Twitter is one. As I was swiping through the pages of Raju Bharatan’s A Journey Down Melody Lane: The Making of a Hindi Film Song on my phone, I occasionally switched to the Twitter app to follow what’s tweeting. In a strange [Read more]

Sultry Amitabh Bachchan-Smita Patil poster makes ‘Shakti’ (1982) look like a skin flick

Sultry Amitabh Bachchan-Smita Patil poster makes 'Shakti' (1982) look like a skin flick

Ramesh Sippy’s Shakti (1982) isn’t as much about the Amitabh Bachchan and Smita Patil on-screen romance, as the on-screen histrionics of the Big B and and the Big D – Dilip Kumar. In a rare drift away from the moral weave of the movies of that period Sippy didn’t shy away from portraying a live-in [Read more]

Air India’s sarcastic Khajuraho kissing ad from the 1970s

A book and a cluster of temples have forever immortalised India has the ancient land of sex. I’ve been to Khajuraho twice and the temples are indeed amazing – even minus the erotic sculptures – and given that no worship happens in most of the temples, they are easily the most serene of the all [Read more]

Kamalympics – The Olympics of sex (KamaSutra Condoms ad)

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If this Kamalympics were for real, wonder how many medals, India – the land of the Kamasutra – would win and more interestingly in which disciplines. [Don’t miss: Femina Kamasutra Mehndi Cheat Sheet [NSFW], Kamasutra: The Adventures of Rani Bonkeshwari, KS Roleplay Ads, and the big-baap of all Indian condom posts – Rubbers of India] [Read more]

Kohinoor Maxim Sex Survey questionnaire reveals the deceptiveness of sex surveys

Kohinoor Maxim Sex Survey

Came across this questionnaire for the Kohinoor Silk Condoms Maxim Sex Survey 2012. You may choose to take a print, fill it out and send it across (and Maxim may give you a free subscription or a naughty gift), but if you are a woman (straight, lesbian or bisexual) or a man (gay or bisexual) [Read more]

Syringe and sex: Nirlife Oneuse disposable syringes ads

Non-disposable syringes are the second biggest cause of HIV. Nirlife Oneuse disposable syringes.

How do you spice up a disposable syringe ad? This set of three ads by DDB Mudra for Nirma’s healthcare division Nirlife takes a shot in that direction. To inject the point that non-disposable syringes are the second biggest cause of HIV infections after unprotected sex, the ads bring one of the most popular characters [Read more]

‘Finally a shaving cream that doesn’t arouse sexual feelings’

Really? And I am also eagerly waiting for the deodorant that doesn’t assure deprived males of an unlimited supply of attractive and libidinous women at just the spray of a can. The simple logic behind the monotonous similarity of advertisements for male grooming products is that men want to look (and smell) good so that [Read more]

1930s ad for washable condoms and other contraceptives

Indian print ad from 1930s for bras, hot water bags, enema, sanitary towels

Pamphlet advertising, one of the oldest forms of advertising, is still alive and vigorously kicking. They come tucked inside our morning newspapers, are handed to us by disinterested looking people outside shopping malls and in markets or are shoved into our letter boxes. The only difference is that they, in this impatient era, don’t contain [Read more]

Husn Bewafa – Lust of Beauty…

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Pleasantly surprised to find these posters in the neighbourhood. Sex in mainstream cinema has hit this genre hard but they are still very much in business. Multiplexes should also start screening these sex flicks, there’s a huge audience amongst the urban elite. It’s not uncommon to find recognisable faces from Bolywood in these C-grade films. [Read more]

The Topless Beauty and the Beasts

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For obvious reasons this statue was quite popular with men (and also some women) at Surajkund Fair this year. Men just cannot resist mammaries. Some lechers were also trying out semi-pornographic acts with the topless statue. But before I could take my camera out, their lascivious acts were over. The man in the picture wasn’t [Read more]