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New WhatsApp Status: This is going to be *BIG!*

New WhatsApp Status is going to be big

New features in popular services often rake up rancour. I have also grumbled a lot against certain changes. But then with time and familiarity that resentment reduces and we start to dig the very feature that we detested at launch. The same is true for the just-released updated WhatsApp Status, WhatsApp’s return gift to us [Read more]

Why what’s trending on Twitter in India is largely inconsequential

Why what's trending on Twitter in India is largely inconsequential

Now that the mainstream Indian media has discovered the wonders of the Internet, anything that is remotely out of the ordinary online tends to make headlines and triggers studio discussions. One of the most misused words in the mainstream media is of course – hacking. And the other most followed and reported on is Twitter [Read more]

Demystified: ‘Your cell phone has a name’ Facebook hack that’s gone viral

It isn't your cellphone's name but that of an early Facebook user

(Cross-posted from a note on Cutting the Chai’s Facebook page) Your Cell Phone has a name! Take the last three digits of your number (Example: ***_***_*618) Type it like this: @[618:0] in the comments below and hit enter. It’s name will appear! This has been spreading like a viral wildfire here on Facebook. And everyone [Read more]

When @MasalaBai got @PoojaB1972’s goat

Twitter bird fight

Work for me is fun, more so with colleagues like @MasalaBai (Rituparna Chatterjee) around. So today following the news of the blast in an Israeli embassy car in Delhi when actress-turned-producer-turned-director Pooja Bhatt went on a rant against the media on Twitter, @MasalaBai couldn’t restrain the journalist within her. What followed was a tweet skirmish [Read more]

#NewTwitter Wish List: 10 things missing in the New Twitter

Cutting the CHai - Default featured image

Got the new Twitter interface and took it for a drive immediately. Some have touted the new-look Twitter as a Twitter desktop client killer, I say, not yet. While, overall, it was a much better experience, but felt it still needs a little more to be able to make me go gaga. There’s much missing [Read more]