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Ambiking Suitings ad: Ashok Kumar’s five fabric purchase tips

Ashok Kumar in Ambika King suitings ad

Ashok Kumar might have started as a reluctant actor, but Dadamoni soon transformed into one of the biggest stars of his time and Indian cinema’s first superhit Kismet (1943) had him as the lead. Ashok Kumar’s (born Kumudlal Ganguly) film career spanned over six decades in which he acted in about 300 films and a [Read more]

Mithun ‘Gunmaster G-9’ Chakraborty and Kitu ‘Svetlana’ Gidwani together in an ad

Very few actresses can the match the measure of elegance and sensuality that Kitu Gidwani has. I do not recall much of Trishna or Air hostess, that aired on Doordarshan in the early 1980s, but still remember that Svetlana Bannerjee of Swabhimaan (1995) gave my adolescent skin goosebumps. If I am not mistaken, Kitu Gidwani [Read more]

Rajesh Khanna and the Red Rose in Fabina Suitings & Shirtings ad

I doubt whether the proprietors of Fabina Textiles Pvt. Ltd. watched Rajesh Khanna’s 1980 psycho-thriller Red Rose before agreeing the sign on the fading superstar for the advertisement? There are some films so bad that they are just plain bad, and there are some films so bad they are hair-raisingly awesome. Somewhere in the large [Read more]