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RK Laxman – the unofficial Google doodle

RK Laxman - the unofficial Google doodle

RK Laxman, India’s best-known cartoonist, died on January 26, 2015. He was 93. I had the opportunity to meet the legendary cartoonist once, as a student in Bhopal, but I (and we all) knew him best through his cartoons. Cutting the Chai pays tribute to the man, in the form of an unofficial Google doodle. [Read more]

Great ads, Michelangelo’s David’s penis and The Times of India

To celebrate its 153 years of existence, the Old Lady of Bori Bunder published a Lintas created advertisement that many, including the Advertising Council Standards of India, thought to be unbecoming of the Old Lady. The ad that stirred a controversy was published in a celebratory supplement in the November 3, 1991 issue of The [Read more]

Opening a third front in the Times of India vs Hindu ad battle

As The Times of India versus The Hindu advertising battle rages on, Cutting the Chai thought it was about time to add a new perspective. So here am I, jumping into the arena with a public service advertisement. Share. Spread the word. PS: I don’t subscribe to any newspapers anymore. Reasons in a different post.

Jawaharlal Nehru in a 1950 ad for Chicago Telephone & Radio

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This advertisement is from the January 28, 1950 edition of The Times of India (Delhi) and has the then Prime Minister of India jawaharlal Nehru, garlanded and with a tilak on his forehead and the tricolour in the background, speaking to a gathering through a Chicago Telephone & Radio mike.

Shutter Happy, All Over Again with the Nikon P100

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Never been much of a photographer. I think my brother is. Only that nowadays with two kids (and a wife) he isn’t able to devote as much time to his hobby as he would’ve liked to. I like photography. An interest that developed seeing my brother’s interest. But I don’t think of myself as a [Read more]

Dissecting the Volkswagen Vento Talking Print Ad

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The advertisement that got everyone talking: in the office, at home, on Twitter, on Facebook, on blogs and even on Google search. Volkswagen came up with an innovative talking print advertisement in select editions of The Times of India (Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Pune) and The Hindu for the Vento sedan on September 21, 2010. [Read more]

Download the New Rupee Symbol Font (and a Symbol for the Paise)

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Update: The symbol for the Indian Rupee has been officially included in the latest release of the Unicode Standard (ver 6.0.0) Though this is the FIRST font to support the new symbol for the Indian Rupee, I suggest that you also take a look at some of the other Rupee fonts available. Foradian Technologies has [Read more]

Ads for Oral Sex!

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One day, in the comparatively innocent times that we grew up in, a friend announced, “I had oral sex.” I and another friend present were stupefied. We were still in school. “Come, again,” (no pun intended) we said. He repeated the four shattering words again, with extra emphasis. Curious, we prodded for details and it [Read more]

A Day in the Life of The Times of India – 20 Years Back

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On my usual ad hunting endeavour I happened to discover this 20-year-old piece by Mohan Sivanand (accompanied by RK Laxman’s illustrations). It gives us a peek into the world of newspapers when computers had made their initial impression and the internet and Google were still many years away. Reproduced from Reader’s Digest – February 1987 [Read more]