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videolan As usual, @Google refuses to take down or unlist domains with tons of malware, impersonating normal software.

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How the map of Assam has evolved is reason why the state is embroiled in so many border disputes with its neighbours

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@Mittermaniac It might appear so because the “who’s who” aren’t active there yet. But then things can change fast…3O

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@Mittermaniac Not all will be lost. There are other platforms that can potentially step in, as effectively, if…2S

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This is how hazardous ☠️⚠️ air looks like. It smells like smoke

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How to survive a crowd crush

- Wear sensible shoes

- Leave when situation seems unsafe

- Stay on your feet


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tridipkmandal if this is your idea of securing more jobs for the youth of , then you are wrong. You don’t get…VT

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Another rally in Shillong. The accompanying unprovoked attacks on innocents is almost a ritual…

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Partial solar eclipse. As seen from our rooftop.

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A year ago when @WhatsApp went down, @telegram said it added 70 million users. How many new Telegram users during 2022?

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In these first elections of free India, the Indian National Congress contested under the symbol of yoked oxen and…mr

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On October 25, 1951 the first elections in independent India started with polling in two Assembly constituencies:…6C

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On this day 60 years ago (October 20, 1962) China attacked India

Front page headlines in The Sunday Standard…JC

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@PremjitN No expert here. But I think I cook good biryani :) Let’s set up a session sometime soon

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Kapil Dev whistles after presenting Ranveer Singh with the @CNNnews18 2022 Outstanding…d7

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42 minutes of rain in 14 seconds. October 11, 2022. Greater Noida.

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CNNnews18 CNN News18 - Indian Of The Year: COMING UP!

Watch Live Here: 👇

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No glimpse of the sun for many days now. Tomorrow is also likely to be the same. Unusual for this time of the year……Rp

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