Man enters the world with nothing on him, and also leaves in a similar fashion (If you count the Pharaohs and the like out). During his material existence, what is his greatest asset? Money, he might inherit or earn on his own. Love, he might give and get more in return. Or is it that psychological result of perception, learning and reasoning – what we also know as knowledge? An unending quest, an inexhaustible (tax free) treasure. But unfortunately it cannot ever be bequeathed in whole. When a soul departs it takes along something away that no one ever will know. But fortunately, utilization of knowledge (proper or otherwise) can result in material riches, which can be willed and later fought over in courts.

Knowledge is not only about knowing all the answers in a millionaire minting game show and reading all the bulky books. Knowledge as a databank of information is useless. Understanding is the key. Whenever you understand, in money or in love – it’s your greatest asset playing its part.

Ignorance is bliss. And I am a pauper.

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  • saurav

    “Understanding is the key”….very true…words’re perfectly chosen…

  • Soumya

    knowledge is as useful as understanding …thru knowledge u get understanding … only after u have understood u can afford to lose knowledge ….

  • Abaniko

    knowing is good, understanding what you’ve known is better but puting to good use what you have understood is best.