Work In Progress - Sorry for the Inconvenience

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  • San

    new template?

  • Adee

    is this wat it is supposed to be or m i reading betw d lines for d first time in my life…
    d previous post ws, ‘why delhi is going down’
    and here d ans is
    ‘work in progress’
    neat 😉

  • dwaipayan

    r this blog,too

  • Appu

    You have been tagged

  • AquaM

    Work in progress: I see our lives that way – work in progress -constanly being molded, reshaped, destructed, rebuilt…

  • –Sunrise–

    huh? i read that as: I will be busy for a while…

  • Appu

    good pic. wheres the tag

  • educatedunemployed


  • Soumyadip

    San The answer is in the next post.

    Adi Leave it to an adman to come up with insightful inferences.

    Dwaipayan Huh?

    Appu The post is coming soon.

    Aquamarine Right. And why did the chicken cross the road?

    Sunrise Bulls eye!

    Appu Coming. Coming soon.

    Educatedunemployed If you mean what I think, then yes. If not, please elaborate.

  • dwaipayan

    what did I mean??? the meaning has lost in the typos

  • Adee

    i dont know about the actual work in progress here, probably your template needs a bit of tweaking, but it is very hard to access your blog these days.
    and even harder to post a comment.
    i’m here only after sept 26, so that might tell you a thing.

  • Soumyadip

    Adi I think I have found a solution to the problem. And if my inference is correct it does not require me to tweak my template (thankfully). The problem of stale pages occurs when the browser doesn’t load the page from the internet but uses the disk cache to speed up page loading. Ideally it should check for latest additions, but sometimes it doesn’t. Since you are using Internet Explorer you can try the following:

    In the File Menu go to Tools > Internet Options > Settings (Under the General tab in the Temporary Internet files) > Select the Every visit to the page radio button > Click OK.

    This should help. If not, please let me know.