Soumyadip ChoudhuryCutting the Chai is, actually, cutting the chai (for the uninitiated, chai is tea). A verb, not a noun.

For me a glass of steaming-milky-syrupy tea is best served cut. One-by-two or two-by-three, it embodies the spirit of sharing and camaraderie (and more significantly a resource crunch). I invite you to come, have a sip.

Cutting the Chai is about sharing. I share my thoughts, ideas and whatever else interests me – from advertisements (vintage, sexy and more) to tech tips.

This isn’t a thematic blog, as the categories reveal (though the vintage ads get most noticed).

This blog began back in May 2005 as Mindless Musings of an Unmindful Mind on Blogger. A year later I had enough of the alliteration and changed the title to a more pretentious Cutting the Chai. In June 2010, had enough of Blogger and moved the blog to its own domain powered by the wonderful WordPress.

Now a little about me aka The Chaiwallah.

My school leaving certificate spells my name as Soumyadip Choudhury (সৌম্যদীপ চৌধুরী) and I work and live in Delhi (in fact, I work in Noida and stay in Ghaziabad).

My work profile    labels me as a journalist (of the Internet kind), while my profile on Blogger still reads ‘pseudo-journalist’. My primary interest is the Internet (besides my wife, son and the pretty girls around).

I also tweet a bit, as @soumyadip, and this blog is also present on Facebook  .

Was born and brought up in Shillong and that is the place I still call home.

The sun plays hide and seek with the nimbus clouds, the moss between the toes is cold, damp. The acidic smell of pine leaves lends freshness to the air. It’s getting colder. The winds of November whistle through the bamboo groves. Winter is almost here. She reminded the British of their Scottish highlands. 1496 metres tall, she’s beautiful, she’s Shillong.

If you still need to know more about me or this blog , you may contact me here or visit You can find me on Telegram here:

I love Old Monk and of course, tea.