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You can now embed WhatsApp videos (and images) on webpages

You can now embed WhatsApp videos (and images) on webpages

You can now while away your hours sending inane messages and deciphering emoji puzzles in the comfort of the web browser (Google Chrome to be precise). WhatsApp is now officially available on the desktop. One interesting out-turn is that WhatsApp videos and images can now be embedded on webpages (conditions apply*). While WhatsApp isn’t letting [Read more]

How to use Twitter to post animated GIFs to Facebook

Facebook animatted GIF

This is a corollary to a previous post, where I discussed all that you need to keep in mind while creating animated GIFs to post to Twitter. Post by Cutting the Chai. This new Twitter feature also means that in addition to using Twitter as a free GIF to video conversion service, we can also [Read more]

Two important things to remember while creating animated GIFs for Twitter

GIF lovers of the world rejoice! As many of you are already aware, Twitter now allows animated GIFs to play within the timeline. But before you head to upload from your wonderful GIF collection, read this. Because Twitter reprocesses your GIFs as MP4 videos, many of the characteristics of the GIF that you had painfully [Read more]

How to stop the irritating data uage notifications on Idea Cellular

Idea Cellular data uage notification

I have been a long-time (but not-so-satisfied) Idea Cellular customer. My last gripe against Idea was about the data usage notifications that they kept on flashing on my phone screen all day (and night) long. Which meant that to get something done with the phone, I would have first get the notifications away from the [Read more]

How to verify or check any PAN number online for free

Blank PAN card

PAN cards often become pain cards. Particularly now that the Income Tax Department insists on the landlord’s PAN for an annual rent above Rs 100,000 and many landlords are not very forthcoming in sharing their PAN for the fear of paying taxes. And there are some landlords who are willing to share their PAN but [Read more]

India inflation adjustment calculator (1939-2013) at 2013 prices


A simple online Excel sheet to calculate the value of any amount of rupees from any year from 1939 to 2013 in 2013 prices. This calculator is based on the Indian Wholesale Price Index data from 1939 to July 2013. While 1939 is used as the base year to calculate the rate of inflation the [Read more]

10 wonderful uses of Google Docs Viewer

10 wonderful uses of Google Docs Viewer

One of my favourite online tools is Google Docs viewer (, the VLC Player equivalent for viewing, embedding and sharing content online. In its current form this wonderful tool can do more than any other online tool that I am aware of. The Google Docs Viewer has been around for a few years now, but [Read more]

Demystified: ‘Your cell phone has a name’ Facebook hack that’s gone viral

It isn't your cellphone's name but that of an early Facebook user

(Cross-posted from a note on Cutting the Chai’s Facebook page) Your Cell Phone has a name! Take the last three digits of your number (Example: ***_***_*618) Type it like this: @[618:0] in the comments below and hit enter. It’s name will appear! This has been spreading like a viral wildfire here on Facebook. And everyone [Read more]

How to embed any document in a webpage (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more)

Embed any document on a webpage

I had been thinking about finding an easy solution to embedding PDF files in HTML pages, but never got around looking for it until recently. Though there are services such as Scribd and Issuu but these require you to first upload the file. Such a process is not only a bit tedious and you may [Read more]

How to easily get unflattering content removed from a website

Cutting the CHai - Default featured image

Some of you have enquired about why the post on Dolly Bindra on Fantasy magazine cover suddenly disappeared from the blog and I believe I owe you an explanation. I took off the post because Dolly Bindra requested me to and I thought she had a valid argument and I should oblige. Also I think [Read more]

How to get your old Gmail look back

How to get your old look Gmail back

Google has introduced a new look for Gmail, that it is in phases implementing across all its services. And expectedly users are eagerly trying out the revamped design to get a glimpse of what’s new in there. While I quite like the new Gmail interface, there are many who do not think so. I have [Read more]

Solved: How to Unlock/Jailbreak Idea Net Setter USB Modem (Huawei EG162G) for Free

Cutting the CHai - Default featured image

This one was much simpler than I had expected. Was in fact surprised to discover that some people were actually charging Rs 100 to Rs 450 for the unlocking/jailbreaking service. But here at Cutting the Chai, you only have to pay for your bandwidth. Everything else is free (yes, even the unlocking code). Before I [Read more]