AAP’s Delhi sweep – the unofficial Google doodle

AAP's Delhi win - the unofficial Google doodle

While it is true that Delhi does get more attention than it actually deserves, but then many astounding things happen in the nation’s capital that forces us to stand up and take notice. Today’s momentous election verdict is one such. The upstart Aam Aadmi Party under the leadership of Arvind Kejriwal swept away the much [Read more]

25 world newspaper front pages with Narendra Modi and BJP’s victory headlines

The elections in the world’s largest democracy (that is also a prominent emerging economy) is obviously an item of importance in the world media. Here’s a snapshot of how newspapers around the world covered the news of Narendra Modi and BJP’s emphatic victory in the elections to the 16th Lok Sabha. Modi might have won [Read more]

Vote for The Religion of Man Revolving Political Party of India

Indian Lovers Party

BBC News quotes a Cutting the Chai post in a feature on Indian political parties with strange names. The Election Commission can reject the application if certain conditions aren’t met, he adds, – for example, if the name has an obvious caste or religious reference. The Religion of Man Revolving Political Party of India managed [Read more]

Indian political party election symbols from 1951: When Congress had bullocks and the hand was Forward Bloc’s

Indian political party election symbols from the first Lok Sabha elections held in 1951

I just can’t seem to get over my fascination over Indian election symbols. And there are more posts to follow on this theme, here on Cutting the Chai (Also see: An alphabet chart of Indian political party symbols). Before the elections to India’s first Lok Sabha, back in 1951, the Election Commission (as it still [Read more]

An alphabet chart of Indian political party symbols

Indian political party symbols alphabet chart

Now that the aam aadmi has got a party, the aam bachcha also needs to learn the letters of Indian politics much earlier than ever before. Here’s an educational tool in an age-old format for netas of tomorrow – an alphabet chart with Indian political party and election symbols. (Also see: Indian political party election [Read more]

VK Krishna Menon’s ‘Nehru’s vision, Menon’s mission’ election poster from 1967

VK Krishna Menon was denied a Congress ticket in the 1967 Lok Sabha elections from the Bombay North East constituency. He then fought as an independent candidate, but lost to Congress’ SG Barve by 13169 votes. In his campaign Menon extolled his friend Jawaharlal Nehru’s principles and election posters that read “Nehru’s vision, Menon’s mission” [Read more]

If Google doodled the Samajwadi Party victory in Uttar Pradesh

Samajwadi Party UP election win Google doodle

I had written about my love for Google doodles in a previous post. I also have a thing for logos and like to play around with designs and therefore occasionally do my own editions of the Google doodle, usually on events that Google would never consider putting up a home page doodle on. Google does [Read more]

Join IPL – Institute of Political Leadership

Cutting the CHai - Default featured image

Delhi is a city of interesting abbreviations. CID isn’t necessarily Crime Investigation Department, it can also be expanded to Crime Immunisation Dias (whatever that means, the worth lies not in the expansion but the contraction). The members of this organisation also paste official-looking CID stickers on their cars. The full form, of course, is in [Read more]

Against Terror. In all Forms

Cutting the CHai - Default featured image

It’s November 26. Said to be the day we commemorate what is often called India’s 9/11. The date-month order may be transposed, but even after that bloody (and live) 72 hours nothing much else seems to be. I still vividly remember the day and the ones following. Came home late, switched on the TV saw [Read more]