Delhi is a city of interesting abbreviations. CID isn’t necessarily Crime Investigation Department, it can also be expanded to Crime Immunisation Dias (whatever that means, the worth lies not in the expansion but the contraction). The members of this organisation also paste official-looking CID stickers on their cars. The full form, of course, is in the finer print (Delhi is also home to the Man Cell, who urge victims of wife abuse to only write, not meet).

Therefore when someone says IPL, do not take it for granted that he’s referring to the Twenty20 cricket league. It could very well be a reference to the Institute of Political Leadership. They also have a website, the looks of which give an appearance that their job is not to churn out the khadi-clad kind of politicos but the suited-booted types.

A leaflet (reproduced below), advertising the virtues of the IPL, came along with the newspaper at the beginning of the year.

I have a question before I even think of taking admission, “Do you offer placements?”

IPL Institute of Political Leadership
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