Holi BrawlDrunken fights are fun to watch (the kind where things don’t take a serious turn). More so when you have a powerful camera.

Was enjoying a Holi drinking session on my 12th floor balcony with a few friends and cousins when we noticed some activity at the  Vaishali Metro Station site (of the Delhi Metro network), adjacent to the residential complex I stay in.

For the workers it was a day off and some of them looked high on bhang and as it usually happens at such occasions someone decided to pick up a fight. I zoomed in to get a closer look at the action, it continued for over 45 minutes.

No one seemed to be hurt. Here are the highlights.

(Have cut out the audio because of the strong wind up there and that, along with the high zoom, is also responsible for the shakiness. The problem with HD video, this one’s 1280×720, is that they take ages to upload.)