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Mahatma Gandhi’s 143rd birthday unofficial Google doodle

The unofficial Google doodle on Mahatma Gandhi's birthday incorporates two symbols characteristic of the great man - khadi and the classic round spectacles.

Google had doodled Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s birthday back in 2009 with an “indigo drawing of Gandhi on khadi cloth“. Google doesn’t usually doodle birthdays more than once, except for when it is its own (which by the way isn’t actually its birthday). This Cutting the Chai’s unofficial Google doodle on Mahatma Gandhi’s 143rd birth anniversary [Read more]

Manmohan Singh’s 80th birthday unofficial Google doodle

Manmohan Singh’s 80th birthday unofficial Google doodle

Our dear Prime Minister Sardar Manmohan Singh turns an octogenarian on September 26, 2012 and Cutting the Chai commemorates it with an unofficial Google doodle. Dr Singh’s caricature strategically represents the ‘G’ in the Google logo and and quite like the PM in his political avatar, the lips aren’t open. Also added a little animation, [Read more]

Apple iPhone 5 Google doodle

Apple iPhone 5 Google doodle

The Apple iPhone 5 was unveiled last night and it did fall short of achieving awesomeness. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Google marked the new iPhone’s release on its home page with a doodle? But then the world isn’t that awesome a place, therefore there is no real iPhone 5 Google doodle but only a [Read more]

President Pranab Google doodle

President Pranab Mukherjee unofficial Google doodle

So Poltu will be the 13th President of the Republic of India. I think it is good for the psychology of the Republic that we will soon have a President PM who is known to break into laughter once in a while, given that our Prime Minister is notorious for his deadpan expression. President Poltu [Read more]

Gideon Sundback Google doodle: The Anil Kapoor and Vidya Balan edition

Here’s the Cutting the Chai take on today’s Google doodle honouring the inventor of the zip, Gideon Sundback. It has achieved some virality on Twitter and is also spreading fast on Facebook. So the next time you see this image somewhere, you know the source. Gideon Sundback #GoogleDoodle unzipped: The Anil Kapoor and Vidya Balan [Read more]

Rongali Bihu unofficial Google doodle

Rongali Bohag Bihu unofficial Google doodle

For some it is the beginning of the new year, for others it marks the end of the harvest season. The reasons may differ but there are celebrations across India at this time of the year. If Google had to celebrate this through a doodle, what would they post on their India home page? Here’s [Read more]

April Fool’s Day unofficial Google doodle

Unofficial Google April Fool's Day doodle

Google is known for its April Fool’s Day pranks, but there has been only one All Fool’s Day Google doodle till date. As there isn’t any April Fool doodle on the Google home page this first of April, here’s to fill the void is an unofficial edition of the Google April Fool’s Day doodle. Click [Read more]

Sachin Tendulkar’s 100th hundred unofficial Google doodle

Another big event that won’t find a Google doodle. For Sachin and cricket fans from around the world, here’s an unofficial edition of the Google doodle celebrating Sachin Tendulkar’s 100th international cricket century. More unofficial Google doodles from Cutting the Chai

Women’s Day Google doodle: The sexist and feminist editions

I know there has been an overdose of unofficial Google doodles here, but I couldn’t just resist the temptation. I have written about the International Women’s Day Google doodle and also put up my a Holi doodle, and am now exploring other unexplored angles. Here are two other (unofficial) versions of the International Women’s Day [Read more]

No Holi doodle on Google home page? Worry not, here it is

The Unofficial Google Holi Doodle

Were you a little disappointed to discover that the colourful doodle on the Google home page today was not for Holi, but instead for the Interneational Women’s Day? I was. It is not that I was let down to find a Women’s Day doodle, only that I was expecting a Holi doodle instead on the [Read more]

How to read the stories behind the Google Doodles

Google has till date posted 1304 doodles (yes, I counted), but added stories for only 96 of them. So how to we find those elusive Google Doodle stories? Like millions of you, I also am a huge Google Doodle fan and have spent hours browsing through Google’s Doodle archive. And when Google launched the revamped [Read more]