Were you a little disappointed to discover that the colourful doodle on the Google home page today was not for Holi, but instead for the Interneational Women’s Day? I was.

It is not that I was let down to find a Women’s Day doodle, only that I was expecting a Holi doodle instead on the Google India home page.

As I have been playing around with creating unofficial Google doodles, thought why not give us Indians another reason to cheer this Holi – another special made in India (nothing official about it) Holi Google doodle.

The Unofficial Google Holi Doodle

India is the land of jugaad and this is our jugaad version of the Google doodle. If you won’t give us, we shall make our own (yes, even the fatter and heavier new iPad). Happy Holi!

Rejected Unofficial Holi Google Doodle

Rejected Unofficial Holi Google Doodle