Google has till date posted 1304 doodles (yes, I counted), but added stories for only 96 of them. So how to we find those elusive Google Doodle stories?

Like millions of you, I also am a huge Google Doodle fan and have spent hours browsing through Google’s Doodle archive. And when Google launched the revamped Google Doodle site that included information on what went into the making of some of the doodles, I, to put it simply, was thrilled.

As much as I love seeing the art work on the Google home page and playing with them (whenever they are interactive), I am also interested in knowing what went behind the scenes.

Google Doodles have helped expand my horizon, opening up fascinating new worlds to my eager eyes. Never having watched The Gumby Show, I was unaware of the existence of Art Clokey. Similarly hadn’t I seen the doodle inspired by the work of Diego Rivera, I would have still been left unexposed to his art.

While you too may be as interested in reading the stories behind the Google Doodles, the problem is that of the 1276 1304 doodles (including today’s Cold, Cold Heart Valentine’s Day doodle) that Google has put up since the first ever Google doodle back on August 30, 1998, only 96 (excluding the V-Day doodle) have associated text explaining what went into the making of the doodle.

Browsing through 1276 doodles, is best left to people like me. Most of you will have neither the time nor the inclination to do so. So here’s a link through which you can access all the 96 Google doodle stories (and those that will be added in the future). If you need them sorted according to dates, click here.

Google hasn’t added any link to filter the doodles that comes with a detailed description, but since Google is about search a little search query does the trick. I noticed that every post explaining a doodle has the common text “Posted by” and therefore searching for that text throws up what I needed.

Before you get busy reading the Google Doodle stories, the little animated love story that Google put up on its home page for Valentine’s Day, I have converted it into a comic book (Some text may not be very legible, for a larger view click here).

In 24 frames: Google's 'Cold, Cold Heart' Valentine's Day doodle

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