This is a corollary to a previous post, where I discussed all that you need to keep in mind while creating animated GIFs to post to Twitter.

This new Twitter feature also means that in addition to using Twitter as a free GIF to video conversion service, we can also use it to post animated GIFs to Facebook.

While Google+ and now Twitter support animated GIFs, Facebook is yet to support GIF awesomeness natively.

The steps to follow are simple but with a limitation. The animation posted on Facebook will not loop automatically, as it would on Twitter (and elsewhere). This means that you should look at using GIFs that have a longer play time or if you are creating them yourself, repeat frame sequences to extend play time (as in our example).

Upload the GIF as an image on Twitter and from the tweet posted right click on the animation and click on the ‘Save video as’ option from the contextual menu to download the video.

Next go to Facebook and upload the video. It will take a while to process. And behold! Your GIF is now animating on Facebook (see the Facebook embed on this post or go here).