Idea Cellular data uage notificationI have been a long-time (but not-so-satisfied) Idea Cellular customer. My last gripe against Idea was about the data usage notifications that they kept on flashing on my phone screen all day (and night) long. Which meant that to get something done with the phone, I would have first get the notifications away from the phone’s face. A constant irritant.

Older versions of Android allowed apps to block USSD notifications, which apparently has been restricted in the newer versions. This left me with no easy option, but to curse Idea every time I had to tap the OK button on such a message.

Calls to the Idea customer service was also of no help. The customer service executive sounded surprised that I was actually making a request to get rid of the notifications. According to him this was a valuable service to the customer and I should be instead be obliged. At that time, according to the executive, Idea didn’t have a way to allow customers to control these data usage notifications. I ask him to add this as a feature request and forward my plea to whosoever who can get this done.

It might have taken Idea Cellular a few months to do this, but finally they did. This is how you can turn on or turn off the irritating data usage notifications on your Idea Cellular connection.

To get your data usage on Idea dial: *121*44#

To start data usage notifications on Idea dial: *121*45#

To stop data usage notifications on Idea dial: *121*46#

I tried. It works (but did give me an error the first time. See screenshot below).

Idea Cellular data uage notification stop request message