Vicks Cough DropsAur bheriye ne memne se kaha,
Mein tumhe kha jaoonga…
Hhh… hhh…

Gale mein khich khich?
Vicks lo
Vicks mein cheh aushidi tatwa hain,
Jo khich khich hataye.
To jab bhi gale mein khich khich ho…
Vicks lo.

Gale mein khich khich
Gale mein khich khich
Kya karun?
Vicks ki goli lo
Khich khich door karon…

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Isshita Arun[From this post onwards I’ll also try to include high resolution videos of the ads so that readers who need them for alternative purposes can have it a little easy]

We all who grew up in the 1980s and the 1990s would recall the ad and the tune, it ran for a good decade-and-a-half. I had learnt a new word, ‘khich khich‘. And my young mind questioned the term ‘cough drops’. My argument was that drops were supposed to be liquid and this was a solid logenze.

This ad made Jayant Kripalani a household face. The little girl in the ad was Isshita Arun (or is it Ishita? The wonders of numerology) – singer Ila Arun’s daughter.

And if you, like me, are wondering (I’m not very clued in) where is she now?

She has grown up (obviously) and is an actress and a television host (Some readers might easily recognise).

Isshita Arun

Jayant was paid only Rs 500 (don’t know if Rs 500 could be classified as ‘only’ back in 1982) for the ad. But this led to his entry into the world of television (though he was already into advertising and documentary filmmaking) and he was later seen in Limca ads, TV serials Mr Ya Mrs (I don’t recall that much), Khandaan (not much here too) and Ji Mantriji (the Indian take on Yes Minister). He also appeared in a number of films, the latest being Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na. Others were Trikaal and Rockford (saw them all).

As this too would make for a nice nostalgic ringtone. Here’s the ringtone version.

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And, as usual, some snapshots:

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