Michael Moore's Slacker Uprising PosterUSA – love it, hate it, but it always interests you and so does its politics. And therefore would Michael Moore’s new film – Slacker Uprising – that “traces Michael Moore’s 62-city tour of the swing states during the 2004 Presidential election and records the thrilling – and frightening – response he received across the country,” would have a potential worldwide audience.

The film is perhaps the first major feature film to be released for free on the internet. But unfortunately the official download is available only to people residing in the United States or Canada.

This is what the message says when someone from outside the two countries try to download the film:

Unfortunately, the lawyers tell us we are only allowed to offer the film to people residing in the United States or Canada. The computers think you are someplace else right now, and that’s why you are seeing this page. If you really are in the US or Canada and our computers are confused, you may try accessing the website from a different network, at a friends house, etc. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience, and really want as many people to see the film as possible.

But you here in India (or for that matter in any country outside the US and Canada) wish to download Slacker Uprising.

It’s easy. You don’t even need to bypass the geographical restrictions. Someone would have already posted the video (expecially since that it is free) at a place online from where you can easlily download it.

The obvious suspect is torrent. And it is available there (obviously unrestricted). But many people are not that comfortable with torrents and prefer direct downloads from the internet.

If you are one of the torrent wary types (there are many reasons to be) you can watch online or download Michael Moore’s Slacker Uprising even from outside US and Canda here (someone has already done the good work for us). To download scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the ‘Download playing’ link.

Alternatively you can also directly download Slacker Uprising (obviously for free) from the link below. It doesn’t matter if your are a non-US downloader:

[MP4 648 MB 01:39:23]

Blip.tv is a partner in the distribution of the film, and there is a possibility that they might take it off.


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