Was watching last week’s release A Wednesday this morning. Though I didn’t find the movie as great as people claimed it to be, but on hearing the news of the serial blasts in Delhi today, I started thinking again. How are we – the common people – supposed to react to such acts?

In the movie Naseeruddin Shah plays the role of a common man who uses his own methods to deal with the perpetrators of such acts of terrorism.

A few weeks ago, I watched Mumbai Meri Jaan, that also revolves around the lives of people who were touched directly or indirectly by the serial blasts on Mumbai trains on July 11, 2006.

Films may be fiction, but they draw a lot from what is happening around us. Our desires and our fears and how we react to such situations.

Now I’m trying to draw some parallels between the characters and me, but am unable to find a match.

I know that I cannot be staying indoors because of the blasts, I have to go out and do the things that I need to. There might be more, it has become a way of life. And it doesn’t seem that we have been able to do much about it.

What is worrying me now is that I don’t understand the emotions that I’m feeling while watching the visuals on live television and reporters and anchors repeating the same thing over and over again.

Perhaps I’ve become comfortably numb. And that’s a dangerous thing.

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