Truck graffiti make long rides on the highway more interesting. Even the title of last year’s hit Singh is Kinng (I didn’t enjoy the movie much) was inspired by what Akshay Kumar saw on the back of a truck.

Noticed this a few days back on NH8. Pleased to see that trucks are also spreading messages against social evils.

Anti Female Foeticide Message on the Back of a Truck
Kanya bhrun hatya karaoge to dulhan kahan se laoge?
[If you get the female foetus killed, from where shall you get a bride (for your son)?]

Trucks travel across the country and truck art is an effective medium of communication.

The family planning slogan Hum do hamare do (We two, our two) was quite popular with the truckwallahs.

Even the corporates are using truck art as an advertising platform.

And someone read this on the back of a truck (bad spelling is good fun):

Put deeper at night.

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