Dhritrashtra - Eyes Popping OutOne of the highlights of the Mahabharat (you can watch the complete episodes of the original TV serial here) was Draupadi’s cheer haran. And one of the wittiest Bollywood movies Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron also incorporated that in the climax.

Ekta Kapoor’s tried to add a twist to the great epic with her Kahani Hamare Mahabharat Ki and instead of beginning from the beginning, she started the serial with Draupadi’s cheer haran. The serial bombed.

If we conduct a poll on the most memorable scene from the Mahabharat, I doubt if anything else can pip the tale of the endless saree.

I found an (amusing) ad on the same theme. While logic says they should be selling sarees with the idea, it is for a brand of blouses – Citizen Sweety Blouse.

Playing the role of Draupadi is Preeti Jhangiani, the Chui Mui girl (I’ll prefer to remember her for those videos only). They had also roped in the original Shakuni, Gufi Paintal. So powerful is the impact of the colourful blouses that the blind King Dhritrashtra’s eyes pop out (aankhe phaad phaad dekha). Aap bhi dekho.