Pleasantly surprised to find these posters in the neighbourhood. Sex in mainstream cinema has hit this genre hard but they are still very much in business.

Husn Bewafa - Lust of Beauty movie posterHusn Bewafa - Lust of Beauty movie poster

Multiplexes should also start screening these sex flicks, there’s a huge audience amongst the urban elite.

It’s not uncommon to find recognisable faces from Bolywood in these C-grade films. Shakti Kapoor was a regular. This film Husn Bewafa, directed and produced by Devendra Dua, has Milind Gunaji’s face prominent on the poster. Though the focus, of course, is on the semi-clad women.

But photographs take the fun out of such posters. They are best hand painted, where the painter does what the plastic surgeons fail to. But then some over-imaginative poster artist draws appealing scenes on the posters, that to the disappointment of the paying public are not replicated on the big screen.

Unlike other cities, where such films are screened during the morning shows, in Shillong the smut fest was the almost-exclusive domain of the evening shows (5:30 PM was evening by the Shillong clocks).