I had this plot of online real estate for many years, that was used only as an address for letters to reach me. But anyone not knowing my mailing address and looking for me could not find that plot, as it did not have any construction, save the letter box. Not even a boundary wall. Though I do have some other well-constructed homes online, this plot was something like what the government documents insist on – a permanent address.

Realised it was time to do some building on this ‘permanent address’ vacant plot. Rolled up my sleeves last weekend and laid the foundation, put up the pillars, the walls and the roof. Completed the job with a whitewash, select furniture and hung some pretty pictures on the walls. Put up boards with addresses of my other addresses and finally threw open the door for people to step in to www.soumyadip.com


While most of my online activities happen elsewhere, soumyadip.com will remain the gateway to my online existences. In some time, people looking for me, can find me, sitting somewhere on the top of the search engine results page.