Given the time I spend Googooling these days, that the 2012 – and therefore the sixth edition of – Cutting the Chai calendar is up on this blog is an achievement in itself.

As expected, the Cutting the Chai Calendar hasn’t changed much except the dates and a few touch ups. You can download the calendar in any version that suits you and take a printout in an A4 size paper or use it as a desktop wallpaper. Simple, na?

No limited edition stuff, no calendar girls you don’t want your son to ogle at and no flipping at the beginning of a new month.

This one-page wonder also includes Indian festivals and holidays (in concurrence with the official Government of India list of holidays, both gazetted and restricted, for the year 2012 List embedded below).

Have a wonderful 2012!


Download printable A4 one-page 2012 calendar with Indian festivals and holidays

2012 Calendar in PDF [2.23 MB]
2012 Calendar in PNG [361 KB]
2012 Calendar in GIF [307 KB]
2012 Calendar in JPG [866 KB]

Government of India official list of gazetted and restricted holidays in 2012