Kohinoor Maxim Sex Survey

Came across this questionnaire for the Kohinoor Silk Condoms Maxim Sex Survey 2012. You may choose to take a print, fill it out and send it across (and Maxim may give you a free subscription or a naughty gift), but if you are a woman (straight, lesbian or bisexual) or a man (gay or bisexual) many of the questions will leave you scratching for answers.

The veracity of such sex surveys is revealed in such questionnaires. On the face of it, the survey can be taken by men and women with whatever sexual orientation (clearly indicated in page one of the survey form). But the questions (on page two) are all targeted towards heterosexual men. Wonder what the findings will come up with?


This from a September 2005 post on how sex survey issues are put together:

A simple opinion poll will suffice. Round up a random sample of gullible idle respondents, some real, the rest concocted (I speak from first hand experience here). Get them to fill up a dreary questionnaire (Just tick, don’t think). Total, average, correlate, deviate and come out with figures which startle the reader. If the deviation from the accepted norm of social behaviour is not of a shocking degree, no problem at all. Some other sleazy story can occupy the cover – the innards can always be filled up by numbers, bars, diagrams, graphs – a little tweaked – for that sensationalistic value. The empty spaces (there’ll be lots) adorned with nudes.


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